Due to the new hole, the patch was thrown out even for Windows 7

Due to a new dangerous problem and 12-year-old Windows 7, for which system support was suspended in January 2020, it received a new security update that can be downloaded through the Windows Update service

Microsoft has urged Windows users to update their operating systems immediately after a recent bug was discovered that allows hackers to take control of users’ computers.

The problem came after Sangfor’s cybersecurity experts inadvertently posted detailed instructions on how a bug called “PrintNightmare” could be misused within the Windows Print Spooler service, which allows multiple users to access the same printer.

After discovering the error, the experts informed Microsoft about it.

Although the instructions on how to use the error were immediately removed, they reached several sites, including the programming platform GitHub, writes CNN.

Using this error, hackers can take complete control of the computer, delete and install files, as well as add new user accounts with all user rights, Microsoft claims.

This means that they can have complete control over the “hijacked” computer and cause serious damage.

Microsoft has therefore called on all Windows 7 and 10 users to update their computers immediately through the Windows Update service, in order to solve this potentially serious problem.

It is interesting here that Microsoft, just because of this problem, released a special “patch” for the 12-year-old “week”, for which system support was suspended in January 2020.

From this, it can be concluded that a large number of people still use this operating system, as well as that this problem can really cause great damage.