Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Make Your Job Easier! Here’s what the F1 to F12 buttons mean!

Each of us has at least once wondered what the buttons at the top of the keyboard marked F1 to F12 are for.

You probably only use them to turn up the volume or brighten and darken the screen.

However, these are shortcuts that can make your computer usage easier.

Their function may differ from the type of computer you own, and you can change their purpose yourself.

This is the answer to the mystery hidden in the F keys.


Opens the help menu when you press it with the Windows key.

When pressed with the Ctrl key, hides or shows the text formatting menu in Word and Excel.


Alt + Ctrl + F2 opens the document library in Microsoft Office.

Edit the highlighted folder or file name in Windows Explorer.


Opens a search window in Windows Explorer.

Shift + F3 changes lowercase letters to uppercase and Caps in Word.

Opens a search in Chrome and Firefox.


Alt + F4 closes the window.

Places the cursor on the address bar in Explorer.


It starts with a slideshow in PowerPoint.

Refreshes open pages in the browser.

Opens Find and Replace in Microsoft Office.


Goes to the next page in split windows in Word.

Ctrl + F6 allows you to easily switch between Word documents.


Alt + F7 check grammar and spelling in Word.

Shift + F7 opens Thesaurus(synonym dictionary) in Word.


In Excel, allows you to highlight multiple fields with the cursor.

It Opens a Safe Mode in Windows.


Ctrl + F9 adds empty fields in Word.

Updates fields in Word.


Opens the Menu.

Ctrl + F10 increases the lowered window in Word.

Shift + F10 performs the same action as a right mouse click.


Displays and exits the full-screen view in the browser.

Shift + F11 adds a new spreadsheet in Excel.


It Opens Save As in Word.
Shift + F12 saves a Word document.
Ctrl + F12 opens a Word document.