Microsoft is finally fixing one neglected Windows 11 feature

It seems that Microsoft has decided to make its Widgets panel, which has long been neglected and make it more useful.

The Widgets panel is a feature, introduced in Windows 11, that can provide details about the news, weather, traffic, and other elements, all through “widgets.”

Widgets are actually small applications that give us basic essential information.

The widgets panel can be “called” by swiping from left to right of the screen, or by pressing the Windows + W key on the keyboard.

The problem is that there aren’t many widgets available, and most of the existing ones are related to Microsoft services(which makes them useless if you don’t use those services).

The good news is that Microsoft is exploring ways to improve Widgets.

According to available information, Microsoft will soon announce that it will make external widgets available in Windows 11.

This move will allow a larger selection of potentially more useful widgets to be displayed in the Widgets panel.

It is stated that Microsoft is currently in talks with external developers, who could soon be able to place their widget suggestions through the Microsoft Store.