These tricks will make it much easier for you to use Windows 7

Administrators are people who are constantly learning. The nature of the job conditions the supplementation of knowledge in accordance with the emergence of new software and hardware solutions.

However, it is always convenient to remember the systems that are still widely used. Such is, for example, Windows 7, which a large number of administrators still encounter every day.

Here are some tips and tricks for administrators working in a Windows 7 environment:

Current application control

You can turn some apps on and off very quickly.

In the Instant Search bar, by entering the name of the application, you can turn it on and off (Turn Windows Feature On or Off).

This applies to factory software such as Internet Explorer or Media Player.

Automatic error alerts

If there is an error visible in the event view, you can program Windows to notify you when the same error occurs again.

Open the Event Viewer, go through the history, locate the error and select the event with the action assignment via the Attach Task to This Event option.

There are shortcuts for icons on the taskbar

To open applications via shortcuts, hold down the Windows key and press the number on the keyboard that corresponds to the icon on the taskbar.

For example, if Internet Explorer is the first icon to launch this application, you will press “Windows” and “1”.

Find out what is causing the problems

If the computer you are working on behaves unpredictably, you can open the Reliability Monitor by running the reliability command in the Instant Search monitor and find out the reasons for restarting, blocking, or loading the program for too long.

More than one time zone

As most IT professionals balance between multiple time zones, Windows 7 provides the ability to add multiple time zones through the Additional Clocks option in time settings, depending on where your customers or associates are.

Action Center instead of Security Center

This replacement for the Security Center from previous versions of Windows, located in the Control Panel, provides information about security as well as maintenance.

You will find these links for many functions useful to administrators, such as backup.

See system diagnostics with minimal effort

Where in other versions of Windows you had to go to Administrative Tools, Performance Monitor, and Data Collector just to run System Diagnostics DCS, in Windows 7 you work in one step with the administrator command:

perfmon /report

Quick start of the program

The way to run programs with administrator privileges is simple.

Right-click on the application in the start menu and Run as Administrator.

An even faster way is to type the program name in the Search bar and press Ctrl-Shift-Enter.

Easily accessible User Account Control

Just type three letters, “uac”, in the Instant Search bar to instantly control your account.

Problem Steps Recorder

Windows 7 has introduced a great new tool, which records the workflow of users on the computer step by step.

It is even possible to adjust the memory of screen images during the process.

The session is remembered as an MHTML file, compressed for easy emailing.

It is much easier to solve a problem about which there is a trace.

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